Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Early Christmas Present!!!

Typically (okay, always) on Saturday mornings Nate is up before me. He usually sets an alarm because he is so used to getting up at 4:30 for PT that if he sleeps in too much he doesn't feel good the rest of the day. (Clearly I DO NOT have that problem...I love my sleep!). He usually comes in and wakes me up at some point with a song. It's usually some version of "Good Morning to you, Good Morning to you..." and then whatever he feels like singing..."I love you, and I made you coffee...Good Morning to you!" **This is always sung in the tune of Happy Birthday**

Well, a few Saturdays ago, I was awakened with a different song. Instead of the usual Good Morning to You, I got "Merry Christmas to you, Merry Christmas to you, I love you and you have a present, Merry Christmas to you."

Keeping in mind that my love language is gifts, there is no song that could get me out of bed faster. I ran to the tree to find this little treat waiting for me:

I opened it up to find two tickets to the Cleveland Orchestra Christmas Concert at Severance Hall on December 23! Three years ago to the day, on December 23, 2008, Nate asked me to marry him in Severance Hall after the Christmas Concert. What a wonderful way to celebrate our Engagiversary this year!

I had mentioned to him a few days ago that I saw they were doing a concert this year on the 23rd. He ooo-ed and awww-ed and said to forget all about it...that I should pretend I never discovered it. When I asked him if he already had tickets, he said no. When I asked him if he would remember to buy the tickets without me reminding him, he also said no, which presented a bit of a problem. So, he changed his mind and then told me to forget about the tickets, but then to remember only long enough to remind him to get them, and then I should forget again. Oh my! Needless to say, he remembered...and I never really forgot :-) Shhh

Severance Hall is absolutely beautiful, inside and out! In fact, I had thought about having some of our wedding pictures taken there because it isn't too far from the church we got married in. But, they charge quite a hefty fee for renting out the space for a photo session so that didn't end up happening.


I am SO excited for this date night! It works out so nicely because we will be up their visiting family for the holiday weekend anyway. Christmas time always makes me think back to getting engaged and getting married (we got married January 9, 2010).

Here's a little taste of the music we'll be hearing that night!

I didn't have my camera with my three years ago...I wasn't really planning on getting engaged that night (although I did have a feeling). Photography isn't allowed during the concert, but we're allowed to take as many pictures as we want before and after the show. You bet we'll be taking our camera this time around!

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Betty said...

That was such a sweet surprise and that building is gorgeous! I can see why you would want to take wedding pictures there!

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