Monday, February 4, 2013

Movie Date: Differences Between Him and Her

So, I know I am way behind the times here, but I finally saw Les Mis with the Hubs over the weekend. As we were sitting through the previews we were racking our brains trying to remember when the last time was that we saw a movie, aside from when we are up visiting family and go as a group. People, we couldn't come up with anything. Sadness. We are just not movie-going people. I'm hopeful this will change someday when our budget isn't so tight. So, now you see just how big of a deal this was that the two of us went to a movie. In a movie theater. And didn't just wait for it to come out on Netflix. It was a treat, that's for sure.

Now, you need to know that Nate's movie-going habits and mine are completely different. His he gets from his mother, mine from my mother. If Nate plans the movie, we arrive after previews have already started because he has calculated when the actual start time of the movie will be based on the start time the theater advertised and then adding on how ever many minutes for previews. This leaves no time to pee or get popcorn. Sometimes, we even have slipped into our seats (which aren't that good because everyone else has gotten there early and chosen the best ones) while the movie is playing already. This, to me, ruins the whole experience. I want to see the whole movie! Lopping off the first three minutes just doesn't do it for me. 

Now, if I plan the movie, we get there no later than a half an hour early. And this is a half an hour before the posted movie time. No calculations needed :-) I have time too pee once, maybe twice. We've gotten our buttery popcorn and are settled in our perfectly-selected seats, which must be in the middle of the row, in plenty of time to see the previews from the start.

Funny story, my mother-in-law texted me this a while back: "We saw the movie Lincoln last night with another couple. We arrived at the theater thirty minutes early...UNTHINKABLE. We took a vote and decided to drive to another theater and miss the previews there, so we wouldn't have to wait. It worked out beautifully! I knew I would have to share this with you!"
See where Nate gets it? ;-)

So back to Les Mis, I was definitely worried because I went into it having incredibly high expectations. I am one of those rare people (along with my husband) that has never read the book or seen the play so I knew pretty much nothing about the story line. Every single person I know that has seen the movie has said it was wonderful, even people who've read the book. Usually it doesn't work that way so I knew this movie had to be pretty incredible. 

I was also worried about it being a musical. I thought for sure at some point in the almost three hour movie that I would have enough, that it would get annoying. I am shocked to report that this never happened! I really liked that it wasn't just big number after big number but that two or three characters would sing alone together. That helped break it up for me. 

Nate also really liked the movie. In fact, we both left the theater raving about how amazing it was. Let me tell you, this never happens, people! We never give movies this stellar of a rating. And, even more unusual, we rarely agree on how good a movie is. So, this one was something special. 

Have you seen it yet? And if you've read the book, would you recommend it? 

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Aprille said...

We saw it on Saturday too and I LOVED it!! So did my husband!!!

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